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PPC Advertising in Kent

With Google AdWords we can get you crazy good results from PPC advertising. We manage lots of campaigns for a wide variety of our clients who are looking to generate leads month after month.

Our focus on PPC is all about making sure that every poundnote helps to deliver leads, get your business in front of the right people, or expand into new exciting markets.

All our PPC Google AdWords services are deliver by our own inhouse UK based team so we can react quickly to any changes if needed and constantly work to improve your account.

Our preference is to take PPC as part of managing your entire digital presence for your business, including building, managing, or improving your website, and getting you on Google (SEO). This approach is far more successful at growing businesses than PPC alone, and as such we always recommend this to any potential clients. That way we can get on with the hardwork of helping grow your business, and you can rest assured that you'll get new leads month after month, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Codesauce has over 15 years of combined digital experience, including PPC services inhouse with a specific focus on generating crazy good return on investment for your business. Best of all, our PPC services in Kent aren't stupidly expensive. It's all about keeping our overheads low and our business lean so that we can be super competitive on our PPC Prices.

Our service is open to all trades, start-ups, and small businesses. Whether you're a soletrader running a business on your own, or a small business with multiple offices and staff, we can tailor our PPC Kent service to your business.

How does our Kent PPC Service work?

Below is some geeky technical bits.

PPC is 25% planning, 25% doing, 25% checking, and 25% tweaking (and back again). Well, that's our approach to getting crazy good results and let's explain how we do it –

25% Planning – We identify a number of keyword phrases that are relevant to your business in Kent and beyond, we rank on criteria such as how hard it will be to rank for that phrase, whether that phrase will generate actual leads and not just visits, and if that phrase will produce a good return on investment.

25% Doing – Once we have a list of keyword phrases that we want to target, we will either: overhaul your website; design your website from the ground up; or just go straight into setting up your Google AdWords account.

25% Checking – Our team then monitor the PPC Google AdWords account, identify areas which are working, and areas which need work. Through this analysis we can build a good picture of what does work and what does work for your specific business niche.

25% Tweaking – We then take that analysis of those targets and tweak the campaign to ensure that those keywords are working as well as they can.

And back again. The process starts again with the next set of keyword phrases. Constantly planning, doing, checking, and tweaking until your campaigns show improvement, you generate more visits to your website, and more importantly leads for your business.

Frequently Asked Question

Here's a collection of the frequently asked questions that we get about our PPC Kent services. If you have any additional questions, or want a chat about your next digital project, don't hesitate to get in contact.

Q. Do I need to have an existing PPC Google AdWords account?

A. No not at all, we can either start from scratch or build upon whatever you have.

Q. How much Google AdWords budget do I need to start your service?

A. At very minimum a budget of £10 /day on advertising budget (approximately £300 /month) is needed to start our service.

Q. What size budgets do you work with?

A. On average, our typical budget per client is between £2,500 and £5,000 /month. We do work with budgets in excess of £5,000 /month but that is unusual for most start-ups and small businesses.

Q. How much do you charge for PPC?

A. We charge a monthly fee for our service, you can find all our PPC Prices here.

Q. How long does it take to setup a PPC campaign?

A. The whole process from start to actually have Google Ads shown live can take between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the level of service you need.

Q. How till I start seeing traffic from my Google Ads?

A. The great thing about Google Ads is that once they have been approved and are live, generating tarffic from clicks is very quick.

Q. Is this the service I am looking for?

A. Yes, if you are searching for PPC services in Kent, PPC companies Kent, or just simply PPC Kent, then we can help.

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    “Fantastic results! John and Dougie from Codesauce redesigned our old and very outdated website and did SEO to help get us found on search engines. Our website is now generating 3 times the number of leads and that is down solely to the hard work of the Codesauce team. They got on with the work without any hesitation.”

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It's completely free. No credit card required.