Alcourt Landscapes

Since 2012 we have been working with Alcourt Landscapes to bring them in new customers and sales each month – discover how we’re generating them 20 high quality, highly targeted leads each week.

Alcourt Landscapes

Alcourt Landscapes are a landscaping, driveways, and patios company based in South West London and they operate across London and Surrey. We have been working with Alcourt Landscapes since 2012 and continue to manage their website and online marketing.

Back in 2012, Chris from Alcourt Landscapes contacted us to help them bring in more leads. Chris and his team were doing excellent work but word of mouth referrals are slow to build up, so that’s where we stepped up.

For us the solution was a simple one. Alcourt Landscapes needed a website and needed to get found on Google by people who were looking for a landscape garden and driveway construction team.So, we did just that. We built Alcourt Landscapes their first website, did SEO to get found on Google, and created advertising campaigns for him on Google AdWords (now Google Ads) to kickstart the process of generating new leads.

Within 90 days we were generating Alcourt Landscapes brand new leads each week through Google SEO and Google AdWords. Since then we have been continually improving the website (as of 2019 it’s on it’s sixth version) while working on the website’s ranking performance on Google. Most importantly we have been optimising the advertising on Google AdWords to reduce cost per click, tighten the area location, and deliver amazing returns on his advertising budget.

We continue to deliver on average 20 high quality, targeted, and local leads for Alcourt Landscapes – which has helped Chris grow his teams and create some real beautiful gardens, driveways and patios (we’re not just saying that as Alcourt is our client – the work is amazing! That’s why they’re now an award-winning landscape company).

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We're passionate about taking climate action to tackle the climate and nature crisis. As a company we are planting 1000s of new trees and offsetting 100s of tons of carbon. We work with our partner Ecologi to plant trees, offset carbon, and support climate positive initiatives.

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