Case Studies

Below is a selection of our common case studies problems, solutions, and results.

Wasted clicks

Problem A customer had issues with wasted clicks on irrelevant keywords and they wanted to tighten up their existing performance before adding any additional budget to their campaign.

Solution We analysed every single previous click since their accounts started and adding numerous negative keywords to help get rid of unwanted traffic to their website.

Result Within the first month of taking over the Google Ads account the number of conversion increased by 35% (200 more online conversions and 150 more phone conversions) while the total spend reduced by 8% (£400 less spend) which helped to bring the cost per conversion down by 35%.

Low sales

Problem We had a conversation with a customer about low conversions and low sales from their Google Ads account even when their website was making sales from other sources.

Solution Looking over the account it was clear that the adverts were not targetting potential customers. To fix this we defined customer audience profiles, tweaked the target keywords, and created sales based advert as well as other changes to the account.

Result Sales started to trickle through in the first week and after some more tweaks over the next few months, the customer is now recieving a strong source of valuable sales at a low cost per conversion.

No targetting

Problem A customer had just one advert for all their services which took clicks to the homepage plus issues around high cost per click and not enough traffic coming through to the website.

Solution Our team built 8 new campaigns, 1 for each service area for the customer. Each had specific keyword targets, landing pages, and specific adverts.

Result The cost per click reduced by 58% without affecting the average position on Google. Our customer reduced their monthly spend by £600 within the first 3 months while recieving 7% more clicks through to their website.

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