Simply Refurb

From a standing start Simply Refurb needed the whole package to help bring them in new work – see how our Web Design, Google SEO, and Google Ads services are growing their business!

Simply Refurb

Daryl, from Simply Refurb, called on us to help him generate leads for his new home refurbishment business. After years of working for himself and subcontracting out his services, he decided to double-down and grow his own business.

For us the solution was simple. Simply Refurb needed a fast, mobile-friendly website. It also needed an online quote system to help customers get an accurate price for the job (while generating leads for the business. Google SEO and Google Ads were the last two parts of what was needed to help Simply Refurb get found on Google by potential customers.

Our team set about creating a website and quote system for his business while performing SEO and setting up a strong Google Ads advertising campaign.

Simply Refurb now generates ~15 new leads each week for his business. Each lead is worth tens of thousands of pounds so quality was paramount over quantity.

Daryl and his business are now growing fast with consistent new work keep his teams busy day in, day out.

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