We've answered some of your frequently asked questions, get in touch if you have any other questions

  • Do you provide free no-obligation estimates and quotes?

    Yes, you can get a free online quote today.

  • Do you offer PAYG services?

    Yes, we offer PAYG services at our hourly rate.

  • What services do you provide?

    Our team specialises in WordPress Websites, Google Search Engine Optimisation, and Google Ads Management. In addition to this we provide custom-built contact forms, quote system, web apps, website hosting, email management, domain registration, and social media marketing.

  • Can you tell me more about your WordPress Website services?

    Yes, we specialise in designing, building and optimising WordPress websites. That includes ecommerce stores running WooCommerce on WordPress. Our team have over 10 years experience working with the WordPress CMS and have created and optimised hundreds of websites. From creating custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugins, to setting up WordPress to optimisng WordPress for SEO, to providing WordPress hosting, you name it, we can do it.

  • Can you tell me more about your Google SEO services?

    We've been honing our SEO skillset for the past 10 years. Over this time we understand what it takes to rank a website safely and for the long term. We can provide Local SEO and WordPress SEO services to individuals, charties, and small businesses. For example, we do not pay for advertising our own services, instead we practice what we preach and rely on 100% of all our own leads through SEO.

  • Can you tell me more about your Google Ads services?

    Ofcourse, we are a accredited and certified Google Partner that can provide affordable, effective Google Ads set-up and management services. Our team have been working with Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords for over 7 years, and continue to providing incredible results for our long term customers. We can set-up Google Ads for you as well as manage your account.

  • Can I combine more than one of your services?

    Yes. If you want a one-off service then we can do that. If you prefer to have an ongoing relationship with our team where we manage your website, SEO, and Google Ads, we can do that too. We manage the website, SEO, and Google Ads for many small businesses and charities.

  • How much are your services?

    We don't provide 'cheap' services but we are affordable. Our WordPress websites start at £50/mo, Google Ads starts at £300/mo, and SEO starts at £300/mo. You can get a free quote online today for an accurate price for the services you need.

  • Can you provide domain registration, web hosting, and email addresses?

    Yes, we can provide superfast website hosting, register and manage your domain names, and set-up and management email addresses for you.

  • My WordPress website is slow can you help?

    Yes, we hate slow WordPress websites. We can speed up your website no problem at all. Get in contact and we can have a chat and look over your website to see what can be done.

  • My website is not ranking on Google, I need SEO help.

    We hear this all to often. Sometimes DIY SEO and unreputatble SEO companies will leave you without the resuls you expect. Don't worry, we can help. Get in contact and we can have a look over your website, provide an analysis, and can carry out the work to fix the problems.

  • My Google Ads is costing too much and not generating sales.

    Ouch, we know that it's far too easy to spend hundreds, if not thousands on Google Ads and not generate enough returns. Don't worry, get in contact asap and we have connect our Google Ads Management account to have a look for you to see if we can identify the problem.

  • Can you help secure my WordPress website?

    Yes, we can help with adding an SSL certifcate and secure your WordPress website.

  • Do you provide discounts for charities?

    Oh yes, we love helping good causes, so we provide a blank 50% discount across all of our services to help charities reach new clients, customers, donors, and stakeholders.

  • Are you an eco-friendly company?

    100% yes! Our aim is to plant 1000s of trees and offsetting 100s of tons of carbon through our partner Ecologi. You can see all the projects we sponsor, the number of trees we have planted, and the amount of carbon offset online at ecologi.com/codesauce.

  • Do you have professional insurance?

    Yes, we hold professional indeminity insurance and public liability insurance through our partner Hiscox.

  • Are you a registered company?

    Yes, we are a Registered Limited Company in England and Wales. Our registration number is 09981304. Our official company name is Codesauce Limited. Our registered address is Stonebridge House, 28-32 Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8BZ.

  • Do you have any service terms and conditions

    Yes, for all contracts, services and products that commenced prior to 20th October 2023 we have the following Service Terms Pre October 2023 and for all contracts, services and products that commenced as of 20th October 2023 we have the following Service Terms. They constitute the foundational elements of any contractual arrangement, whether verbal or written. For services and products that required additional written agreements we will provide additional contracts to be signed by both parties.