My Plumber

Our goal was to help the owner boost the number of leads and increase sales before selling on her business – we did just that.

My Plumber

Angie, from My Plumber, needed help with her plumbing and boiler installation business in London. My Plumber was successful but it’s online presence was letting it down.

My Plumber had a website, with a decent about of website traffic from previous attempts at SEO and also was generating leads through Google Ads.

The problem was that it wasn’t generating nearly were its potential could be and Angie had an exit strategy for the business – our goal was to help boost the performance of the website and online marketing.

We rebuild the website from scratch. Improving page load times, website navigation, and the quality of the website code.

We built My Plumber a brand new quote system to provide customers with a free instant online quote for a range of their plumbing and boiler installation services.

We optimised Google SEO. Improving the keywords the website was targeting, doubling down on Local SEO, and exploring new SEO niches for the business.

We optimised Google Ads. Improving advert copy, removing keywords that were not performing, and discover untapped niches.

Our work on My Plumber’s online presence lead to a large increase in the number of new leads being generated and decreased the advertising costs of its Google Ads.

In 2018/2019, our efforts helped Angie to sell her business. We call that a success.

Eco Friendly Company

Planting 1000s of new trees

We're passionate about taking climate action to tackle the climate and nature crisis. As a company we are planting 1000s of new trees and offsetting 100s of tons of carbon. We work with our partner Ecologi to plant trees, offset carbon, and support climate positive initiatives.

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