Barons Court Project

Our charity partner, Barons Court Project, needed a website to let their beneficiaries , donors, and supporters stay up to date with the latest events and news from the team.

Barons Court Project

Barons Court Project had an outdated website and email system. It was affecting their charity day in, day out. The old website was not delivering the image the charity wanted to put across to beneficiaries, stakeholders, volunteers, or donors. The creaking email system was making emailing a living nightmare for Baron Court Projects staff members and volunteers.

Michael, from Barons Court Project, contacted us and we were happy to help the team by building a brand new website and migrating to a faster, stable professional email system.

After spending a few days at their offices and getting to know the ins and outs of their website needs we got to work creating a mobile-friendly, modern website that was easily updatable by their own staff members. We also started the complex work of deconstructing their email system and putting a new cloud-based email system in place.

The results speak for themselves. Barons Court Project’s team can now easily manage their email inboxes. Their website is helping new potential beneficiaries find the help they need. All in all, a great bit of work that’s help an excellent team do ever more good.

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