Elysium Beauty Spa

Elysium Beauty Spa wanted just a simple one-page website that showed their services, prices, and customer reviews – we did that and helped them get found on Google too!

Elysium Beauty Spa

Anne from Elysium Beauty Spa runs a small mobile beauty salon based in Sutton and her business is growing steadily – however she didn’t have a website and just wanted something simple that she could point people online to, where customers could find a price for her services, and for new customers to get in contact. That solution here was pretty simple. A one-page website that was fast and mobile friendly which contains all of the information new and existing customers need to discover and book her services. Nothing complicated and nothing over-the-top was needed.

Our team created an Elysium Beauty Spa website while also registering a website domain name and setting up a professional email address – to help reflect her business in a good, professional manner to customers. Anne now gets brand new leads from her Elysium Beauty Spa website. With a focus on making the site and easy to use, we also did a small bit of SEO work on the website too to help get her business found locally by local people. A simple, affordable solution that’s working for Anne and her business.

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We're passionate about taking climate action to tackle the climate and nature crisis. As a company we are planting 1000s of new trees and offsetting 100s of tons of carbon. We work with our partner Ecologi to plant trees, offset carbon, and support climate positive initiatives.

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